Absence, permission & leave management program

Absence, permission & leave management program

Absence, permission & leave management program

A program for the training department at the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia to manage students in an integrated manner

Program features

    • Manage excellence students in an integrated manner

    • Enter student data, edit, delete, and advanced search

  • Vacation management, permission, absence and assessments

  • Manage users with the ability to add permissions to users

  • The program in both Arabic and English integrated

  • Possibility to take a backup and restore it

  • The possibility of zeroing the database

  • The possibility of running the program on a local network or on a global server

  • Possibility to change colors or modify the design

  • Ability to add or modify anything in the program

  • The possibility of backing up the program automatically as an example every hour and upload it on a server to ensure not It has data

  • The ability to print and export reports as Excel, Word or PDF

  • Possibility to sell the program source code to add or modify characteristics

Live images of the program

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