In Restaurant program (arabic version)

In Restaurant program

In Restaurant program

For the management of restaurants and cafes collecting types and sizes (small - medium - large)
  Easy to use and very fast

  • It is a program designed by C-Sharp, SQL Server databases, Crystal Report Reports and DevExpress

Program Features

  • A wide range of settings that allow the user to experiment and change everything in the system
  • Full user rights system
  • Entering stores, raw materials and purchases
  • Customer accounts, supplier accounts and reports
  • Sale of Take Away
  • Deliveries
  • Sale of lounge and tables
  • Add an infinite number of tables, sections and items
  • Possibility of order suspension
  • The possibility of switching from one table to another
  • The possibility of merging two tables
  • The possibility of working more than working time and more than cashier within the program
  • A complete system of personnel affairs
  • A complete expense management system
  • Supports VAT
  • Support adjusting, scanning and billing discount
  • Make returns for sales invoices
  • Full accounts for the treasury and the bank
  • A large collection of reports for everything in the program is displayed in the form of statistical
  • System to take backups of data and restore them again
  • The possibility of changing the invoice data printed to the client from within the program

How To Use It

We offer a distinctive range of integrated programs in the field of management (pharmacies stores shops restaurants hospitals companies and institutions)
By the competent team of our company

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A.Os Saad
A.Os Saad
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