Medical Prescriptions Program

Medical Prescriptions Program

Medical Prescriptions Program

Advanced prescription printing program and save recipes, visits and patient knowledge on a daily basis with a distinctive professional design 2019

Program features

Prescription printing program with a distinctive design through which you can:

  • Patient registration and printing of prescriptions in more than one design
  • Special powers for users (secretarial + doctor + doctor 2)
  • Know the patients that were registered daily or a certain day and know the best selling medicines
  • Possibility to add the complete doctor data and add the logo of the clinic
  • The possibility of adding data to more than one doctor in the same program
  • The possibility of making a special folder for each patient and attaching video or audio files, documents, pictures, etc.
  • The possibility of adding fixed recipes and recipes for the eyes (private)
  • Ability to modify the font size of the recipe as well as the font type and the space between lines
  • The possibility of adding a special path to save the media for sub-devices in the case of running the program on a network
  • The possibility of adding more than one visit to each patient to make a full file of the reviews in the program
  • The possibility of adding reviews for each visit in the case of the eye recipe to save measurements of vision
  • The possibility of printing notes only without the recipe
  • Ability to modify or add anything in the program and also design or colors or add other languages
  • Ability to run on a local network or server
  • The possibility of backing up and restoring with zeroing the entire database
  • Sell ​​the program source code

Live images of the program

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Thank you very much ❤️
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Although the price is a little expensive 😁, but I found high quality and delivery on time, the most wonderful support, I think I will ask for the services of the company again
thank you
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A.Os Saad
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