Web Services
Amazing designs with the latest web technologies You can now choose the right plan for you or browse our store to choose the individual services available.
Mobile Apps
Studies show that people lately tends to stay online through their smart devices “mobile phones or tablets/iPads” more often than desktop devices, regardless of the type of your business, The great mobile application is more than lines of code, it is often the interface of a company, that’s why it takes to get the best mobile app developers.
Motion Graphics is about bringing clients through your doors.
We are interested in producing Motion Graphics with high accuracy, from selecting the idea of video to animation and adding sound and visual effects.
Logo & Branding
Business identity is part of the most important parts of the company or institution or product to give it the spirit and touch that remain stuck in the minds of people, For this purpose we have assigned a team of experienced designers and professionally specialized in Design your work to ensure that your requirements are studied and implemented
A Sponsored ads and correct targeting methods can help you grow your business and increase the sales of your products, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

what's the meaning of buzjani word!

  • Abu al-Wafa' Buzjani.
  • Scientist in engineering, mathematics
    and the astronomy.
  • The company is managed by engineers.
  • We hope to follow the steps of Buzjani mastery and his skills

What distinguishes us

Quality, workmanship and respect for time are the foundations of this company
Miscellaneous services
We help you to make your idea turn into a strongly competitive entity in all markets
Modern designs
According to the most recent design rules and a large team respects the standards of UI, UX
Full confidence
Check out previous clients to see how many companies and organizations they have dealt with us
Follow-up and support
After completion of the work to ensure the delivery of the required quality to the clients
Online Store
where individual services put in place to make it easier for clients to request specific services outside of plans
Protected payment
PayPal handles online payments and offers payment in many ways such as Visa and MasterCard

Our Process

We build professional companies from just an idea to launch

Step By Step

  • Start (Concept)
  • Design and Coding Stage
  • Test With Client Before Launch
  • Social Marketing Stage
  • Finish (Publish and Support)

Our Awesome Feedback

As the manager of a translation company that starts its first steps in the market, I heard about Buzjani, they are the best web designers I have ever seen. They are knowledgeable of their tools and love their work. We agreed to complete the site of "Localization Universe" in a period of 3 to 4 weeks, but surprisingly the company doubled its work time to bring the site into light in a period not exceeding 10 days.
Thank you very much ❤️
CEO at Localization Un.
Although the price is a little expensive 😁, but I found high quality and delivery on time, the most wonderful support, I think I will ask for the services of the company again
thank you
ProCodify, Toronto - Canada
A.Os Saad
A.Os Saad
CTO at ProCodify
Thank you for kindness and support during working together
Years of Experience

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